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O2Home an affordable medical oxygen concentrator rental program from AMTZ in collaboration with Uber. It does doorstep delivery and pickup in select cities.

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The following step-by-step instructions will help you operate your oxygen concentrator:
Step 1
  • Plug the cord into the grounded electrical Outlet of 23OV 5AMP on UPS support.
  • If your outlet is not grounded you need to use a plug adapter.
  • Do not use the extension cord with the concentrator.
  • Do not plug the concentrator into an outlet that has other appliances plugged into it.
Step 2
  • Ensure the water level is filled between the minimum and maximum level margins.
  • Prescribed, attach the humidification bottle filled with distilled/sterile water
  • Centre the threaded cap on the humidification bottle under the threaded outlet tube on the concentrator.
  • Turn the cap on the humidification bottle until it is tightly screwed onto the outlet.
Step 3
  • Attach the oxygen tubing to the port on the lid of the humidification bottle.
  • If you are not using humidification, you should attach an oxygen adapter to the concentrator outlet and attach the oxygen tubing to the oxygen adapter.
Step 4
  • Press the ON/OFF button to the ON position.
  • There will be a sound indicator once the concentrator is ON.
  • The oxygen concentrator must be turned on 15-20 minutes before using to ensure the concentrator is making the correct concentration of oxygen.
Step 5
  • Adjust the oxygen flow rate by turning the litre control knob until the flow is at the prescribed number.
  • Flowmeter with litre tube:
  • Adjust the litre control knob until the middle of the indicator ball is at the prescribed number.
  • Your doctor has prescribed the oxygen rate for you.
  • Never change this litre flow without instructions from your doctor.
Step 6
  • Fit the nasal cannula or oxygen mask to your face so that it is comfortable.
  • Nasal Cannula:
  • Insert the two prongs of the cannula into your nostrils. Make sure the prongs face upward and curve into your nostrils. Slide the tubing over and behind each ear.
  • Adjust the tubing to fit comfortably under your chin by sliding the adjustor upward.
  • Be careful not to adjust it as per your comfort and convenience.
  • Regularly check the ears and inside the nose for pressure areas and sores from the nasal cannula.

O2Home How it Works?

  • Care of Your Oxygen Humidification Bottle

    If your are using humidification with your oxygen concentrator, you will need to check the water level in the bottle frequently. When distilled/sterile water runs out or the bubbling stops, you will need to refill the bottle.

  • Refilling the Oxygen Humidification Bottle.

    Step 1: Wash your hands.

    Step 2: Turn the oxygen concentrator off and remove the humidification bottle from the oxygen concentrator.

    Step 3: Unscrew the lid from the humidification bottle.

    Step 4: Discard any water remaining in the humidification bottle.

    Step 5: Refill the humidification bottle until minimum and maximum level with distilled/sterile water to the fill line marked on the bottle. Do not overfill the bottle. Too much water in the bottle will cause the water to collect in the oxygen tubing.

    Step 6: Screw the lid back on the humidification bottle until it is tight. Reattach the humidification bottle to your oxygen concentrator.


About us

O2Home is a respiratory medical device rental program that offers Oxygen Concentrator, BiPAP and Nebulizer on rent along with a buying option at affordable cost.

This App based service was initiated in collaboration with UBER & Public Institutions like NIPER & Atal Incubation Centres as a Covid response plan to meet the oxygen surge during the second wave of Pandemic.

The program continues to serve hypoxic patients and anyone with respiratory medical device requirements.

The products can be availed at

Subsidised Rates | Zero Deposit | Delivered at doorstep by UBER

The App has certain unique features like the ‘Lung Assessment Test’ (LAT) to determine lung health.

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